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The Brothers Four Folk Song Choral Series

The Sound of America Singing - Sound Music Publications is proud to present the music of the popular Brothers Four in a new choral series. Enjoy these arrangements that came from the heartbeat of America in times of trouble, joy, war and peace. Veteran educator and arranger, Dave Cross, and Brothers Four leader, Bob Flick, collaborated to arrange the charts (both SATB and SSA) with the integrity they deserve. Now your groups may sing these wonderful folk songs!

Just 4 Kicks

Just 4 KicksFour uniquely talented and musically successful vocalists from the West Coast, each with independent careers in the music industry, were thrust together at several Northwest jazz festivals in 1993, and a quartet emerged! Just 4 Kicks' Kirby Shaw, from Ashland, Oregon, is one of the most well known choral and vocal jazz composers/arrangers of our time. Randy Crenshaw is among the first-call studio singers and arrangers in Los Angeles. Four Freshmen alumnus Kirk Marcy directs the internationally acclaimed vocal jazz ensemble Soundsation at Edmonds Community College, just north of Seattle. Vijay Singh, widely known for his versatility as a composer, arranger, soloist, and director of the vocal jazz program at Central Washington University in Ellensburg, Washington, rounds out the quartet.

Just 4 Kicks began as a diversion from these active careers in a spirit of fun and spontaneous musicality. Now, to their great surprise and delight, this talented group finds themselves in demand at jazz festivals and clinics throughout the United States and Canada. They'll be releasing a new album, Joyful Noise soon. Check out their website, too:


    AUGUST 1-5, 2016 • Lynnwood, WA
    ~~The course was very beneficial for me. The instructors were excellent. The scatting portion in particular was terrific. And I really enjoyed the theory portion; it was a good level and pace for me.
    ~~I loved the atmosphere of the Jazz Choir Infusion! I always felt like I had personal access to the educators, some of the people who have made such a profound impact on the choral vocal jazz scene. I was exposed to artists and/or tunes/arrangements I haven't heard. It was an inspiring week.
    ~~Pushed my comfort zone especially in regards to singing. Pushing my comfort zone caused greater growth. The size of the group was perfect and everyone was so nice and supportive. It was the perfect environment for learning. We had some wonderful surprises with Sara Gazarek singing; Phil Mattson visiting; as well as going to Jazz Alley to hear Karrin Allyson.
    ~~Faculty and students all attended for the same purpose: share musical ideas through practical application in order to become better teachers through collegial interaction.
    ~~Big thanks to Frank, Dave, Ken and Matt! Your professional insight and personal approaches have benefit to all students. Thank you so much for all your effort, time love and friendship.
    ~~Great balance of work, sharing and performance. Fair cost and option to gain credit.
    ~~The Jazz Choir Infusion workshop is run by very caring, educators who use their mastery of the knowledge of vocal jazz to create an environment where learning is for life and a necessity to keep our spirit filled so we can go on to share the same with our students.
    ~~A great place to grow as a vocal jazz educator and human being. A workshop packed with VERY useful materials. Great individual attention by staff to each participant. I left with tons of materials to use in my classroom.
    ~~A requirement for all vocal jazz teachers.
    ~~Jazz Choir Infusion was an extremely instructive and mentally stimulating experience. The depth of knowledge of the teachers and their ability to convey their message was impressive. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to move forward on their musical journey.
    ~~What an incredible opportunity to learn from some of the best artists in the field. I left feeling inspired empowered and excited. I’ll be back for sure!
    ~~I really appreciated the huge scope that the workshop covered: listening, repertoire, vocal techniques, piano/percussion, etc. The workshop accommodated each of us “where we are” – obviously some very experienced jazz musicians were here and newbies, like me.
    ~~I loved the supportive, creative environment and the encouraging, master teachers. The real hands-on, nuts and bolts experience (solo singing, playing chord progressions, practicing inflections) were great.
    ~~I had a great time at the Infusion! My favorite part was learning about the bass. I loved being surrounded by those who love jazz/interested in learning more. I loved hearing different artists I am not normally exposed to.
    ~~This has been a fantastic week! I learned more about vocal jazz in one week than I have picked up on my own over the past five years. Being included in such a collegial cohort with wonderful, supportive facilitators was very affirming. Thank you!
    ~~Jazz Choir Infusion gives you music to teach on the first day of school, as well as the last and every day in between. You will leave armed with a full bag of practical, relevant material and the confidence to use it.
    ~~I appreciated the “hands-on” approach with individualized attention. The JCI instructors were amazing!
    ~~This workshop paid for itself many times over. It was rich in materials, resources, repertoire, knowledge, and personal growth. I can’t wait for next year!
    Posted on: Tuesday, January 8, 2013

    P O Box 1598
    Edmonds WA 98020-1598
    Phone: 425-771-0824
    Posted on: Wednesday, January 9, 2013

    We are frequently asked how one would submit a chart to be considered for publication. An original composition or an arrangement of a PD song are the quickest to publish; others require time to secure a print license.
    We require submissions to be formatted in either Sibelius or Finale. We require separate written out choir part with chord changes, separate written out piano and bass parts with chord changes and separate written out guitar and drum parts if needed.
    Include important markings: tempo, dynamics, accents, etc.
    Please leave room for copyright information at the bottom of the first pages.
    Sebelius files may be sent to or may be sent as pdfs attached to your email to
    Posted on: Thursday, January 10, 2013

    Diana Spradling's book, "Jazz Singing: Developing Artistry and Authenticity," is a must have for vocal jazz directors and students! Find the ordering details by keying in 'BOOK: Jazz Singing' under Chartfinder or 'Singing' under Quick Chart Search.
    Posted on: Friday, January 11, 2013

    A warm welcome to Rosana Eckert, Pierre GĂ©rard Verny, Bob Flick, Gerhard Guter, Jamie Dyer, David Scott, John Knutson, Ryan Billington, Christine Guter and Kelly Kunz! We at Sound Music Publications are proud to feature the writings of these gifted people.
    Posted on: Saturday, January 12, 2013
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